Medical Writing Services

We dare say that Medical Writing, for us, means magic ― a hybrid of science and creativity. Each project is another mystery to reveal. We start with concepts and ideas, we focus on presenting precise scientific data and we end up with delivering comprehensive material, relevant to the targeted audience. What we aspire here is a perfect match of creative writing with the accuracy of research.

The Medical Writing Team

Our services include:

  • educational writing on health and medicine
  • promotional writing on pharma products
  • scientific articles for publication
  • abstracts and posters for conferences

We create content for multiple channels addressing:

  • healthcare professionals
  • patients
  • regulatory authorities
  • scientific community
  • pharma salesforce
  • general public

Creative Services

Being creative is mostly about solving a problem. To come up with a great design, you should take this problem personally. You should use your creativity, apply art and at the same time play by the rules. When you accomplish all that, you are free to have fun.”

The Creative Team


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Digital Services

Digital is our new business reality. One word with multiple, often confusing, interpretations. For us, turning digital means being persistently alert for emerging technologies and media, being constantly willing to acquire new expertise and improve ourselves, endlessly seeking for and offering novel solutions that will make everyone’s work and life easier. Future is ahead. Stay tuned.

The Digital Projects Team

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