We are a team of pharma communications specialists.
And we all work towards one simple goal;

that everyone who chooses
to work with us will be glad they did.

RAT Adv was set up in 2003 by a small team of young and passionate entrepreneurs based in Athens, Greece.  Over the years, we grew up, we accumulated experience and we expanded our expertise to match a rapidly changing business environment. We have constantly adapted, we have crossed local borders, we have delivered a great spectrum of fascinating pharma projects and we have been trusted by some of the biggest pharma companies both at a local and global level.

And we are moving forward. A bit wiser, but with the same sparkling passion which gives meaning to everything we do.

Here is our way of doing business;

the RAT way.

We listen carefully. To the vision, the goals, the needs. Asking the right questions and not asking them twice.


We present value-for-money ideas and solutions which delicately balance creativity with functionality.


We plan efficiently. Breaking down into the smallest possible pieces, but never losing sight of the big picture.


We bring ideas to life, leveraging established and new techniques, forms, channels and technologies.

We deliver quality results within tight deadlines.



We evaluate our work mercilessly. In other words, we refuse to set ourselves to rest.